Capital One Savings

With advancing technology, these days the internet as become the way of life and many people are getting accustomed with this technology.  It is nowadays very easy to get information through the internet from your home, learning also become easy and flexible and more interesting, it is very easy to open a savings account an online. One company which is highly reputed for offering online savings services and products to its clients is Capital One. A Capital One saving account is very easy to open and it does not require a lot of details for one to become a member. It is a high yield online savings account which comes with the best rates of about $1000 or more in the actual balance. Thus, to make more savings from this account you should have at least $1000 in your account.

Capital One Savings

How to open a Capital One savings account

If you want to build a solid financial foundation for your future or for your family, it is advisable to open a capital one saving account. Establishing great financial security is always a good path for a brighter future. This is because you will be able to get your money when you are faced by an emergency without any complications. Opening a capital one savings account is an easy process and you will not waste your time, energy or resources.

1.    First and foremost, you should start by preparing your personal information. To open a capital one saving account you will always be required to validate your identity. You will be able to verify your identity by presenting your social security card, identification card, driving license identification number and the expiration date. You will also be required to verify your previous credit account in for easy identification and security of your account.

2.    Secondly, you should fill an online application form. When you visit the Capital One website, you will locate their saving accounts application form. Then you should follow the procedure provided. For instance, you can commence by clicking on the open online and start the application process.  You should ensure you enter all the required information and if you experience challenges you can seek help.

3.    Lastly, you can fund your account after applying. You can make initial deposits through check or online transfer from your previous account to the new Capital One savings account.

Benefits of the Capital One savings account

a)    You will be able to enjoy online banking whereby you will be able to see and make your transactions online.

b)    Capital one savings account is also essential because, there are no monthly fees and you will also open the savings account for free.

c)    It is also offers bonus interest to clients. For example, you will get a 10 percent bonus on your interest earned.

d)    You will also be receiving your account statements easily and within the required time through your emails.

e)    Finally, it is very secure and you should not have any doubts as Capital One savings account is also insured by FDIC.

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